– Ways To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

It’s pretty easy to sweep a floor. It’s also simple to take out a bucket and mop your floors. Cleaning your carpet, however, is much trickier than that. Even though you can sweep or vacuum debris, dust and dirt from your carpet, you’re only cleaning the surface. You’ll likely have to use special equipment to really get into your carpet’s fibers and thoroughly clean it. Many carpet cleaning products exist today, but you’ll probably get better results if you hire a professional carpet cleaning service. In fact, it’s better to hire a professional first, and then buy a portable carpet cleaner (most look like a vacuum) to keep your carpet maintained and cleaned after its professional cleaning.

Carpet cleaning equipment, such as the aforementioned carpet cleaner, penetrates carpet fibers in order to remove dirt, grime and other ‘pollutants’ from the entirety of the carpet. Of course, this equipment gets utilized in several ways to efficiently (and effectively) clean carpets in any setting. Dry cleaning, wet and steam cleaning are common cleaning methods used by professionals to thoroughly clean carpets. Let’s look at these methods in more detail.

Dry cleaning a carpet usually leaves behind little to no moisture. Inmost cases, the carpet is vacuumed cleaned after the dry cleaning process. Carpet cleaning services use special carpet shampoos that foam a lot without producing too much moisture. They use a rotary carpet cleaning machine to apply the shampoo to the carpet; it’s usually left overnight to dry before the shampoo gets vacuumed away. Absorbent cleaners are another type of dry cleaning solution used on carpets.

Hot water encapsulation is more or less the modern term for ‘steam cleaning’ a carpet. The process is performed with a carpet cleaning machine, which heats water and forces it into the carpet through vigorously agitating the fibers. The process, as a result, dislodges and removes soil, grime and other stains from the carpet. Of course, the water used in this process is typically treated with cleaning solutions to make the cleaning process easier.

No matter what method you choose, a professional carpet cleaning service is the best choice for thoroughly cleaning your carpet.

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If you know your carpet needs cleaning, why wait longer? Professional carpet cleaning simply helps restore your carpet back to new again.

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